China’s New NEV Regulations for 2021–2023

2020-01-20 NEW

Following the implementation of the first phase of China’s NEV regulations for the period of 2019-2020, regulations for the second phase for the period of 2021-2023 are now under review. In July and September 2019, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) collected opinions on the proposal for the second stage of NEV regulations. The industry expects that NEV credit requirements will gradually increase from 10% in 2019 and 12% in 2020 to 14% in 2021, 16% in 2022 and 18% in Read more...

Overview of the Latest AWD BEV Drivetrain Specifications

2020-01-20 NEW

Since summer 2018, many companies have announced a number of new BEVs that are intended for sale. High-power all-wheel drive (AWD) systems are the mainstream because companies currently focus on midsize SUVs. Even the sector’s leading automaker Tesla equips all its models with AWD technology. The drive motors installed in these models are often induction motors (IM) but permanent magnet motors (PM) are also used. However, small BEVs such as the Nissan Leaf are almost all front-wheel drive (FWDRead more...

Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential

2020-01-20 NEW

Development of FCEV in China has accelerated since May 2018 when China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited Toyota Motor’s Hokkaido plant where the Mirai FCEV is manufactured. In September 2019, four FCEV-related exhibitions and seminars were held in China’s Shanghai, Guangzhou (Guangdong province), Jinan (Shandong province) and Nantong (Jiangsu province). At the events, not only FCEVs but also the construction of the entire industrial chain, including hydrogen production, transportation and infrRead more...

Water Injection Is Under Consideration to Meet Euro 7

2020-01-20 NEW

The system that injects water into the air-fuel mixture of the engine became a hot topic in 2015 when the BMW M4 GTS sports car was launched fitted with Bosch’s water injector. There have been no subsequent manufacturers that released the same system. However, in recent years, research and development of water injection has been active again, especially in Europe. Water injection is considered to be a promising measure for the next European emission standard Euro 7 and for real driving emission Read more...

Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.01.13 Japan OEM Strategy AD/ADAS Digitalization, AD, ADAS, Communication Trends in the Japanese Automotive Industry
2020.01.13 Europe(General) EV/Hybrid PSA, BMW, VW, Tesla All Compete to Set Up Gigafactories in Europe
2020.01.13 World Editorial CO2 Reduction by LCA, Digitalization Must Be Pursued in the 2020s
2020.01.06 Germany Japan Powertrain Others Automakers Use LCA to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Encourage Suppliers to Follow Suit
2020.01.06 Japan Others New Suspensions Adopt High-response Continuously-variable Lightweight Dampers
2020.01.06 UK Sweden AD/ADAS Jaguar Land Rover Focuses on ACES, Strengthens Technical Capabilities
2020.01.06 Germany China OEM Strategy 9th Aachen Colloquium China: Chinese OEMs Aim to Improve Engine Thermal Efficiency
2019.12.30 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Body/Chassis Japanese Automakers Are Developing Next-generation, BEV-only Platforms
2019.12.30 Germany Japan OEM Strategy Powertrain Fuel Injection Sector Raises Injection Pressure to Meet Fuel Economy, Emission Rules
2019.12.30 USA China Japan Body/Chassis US, Chinese Automakers Increasingly Use Magnesium as Vehicle Body Material
2019.12.30 Europe(General) Powertrain Others Life Cycle Assessment Influences All Technical Fields Including Vehicle Body Sector


Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.01.20 USA India New Services NEW Uber is bringing audio recording, irregular ride checks and authentication code safety features to India
2020.01.20 USA South Korea New Services NEW Hyundai to build air taxis for Uber's future aerial ride share network
2020.01.20 Japan Industrial Trends New Parts NEW Bridgestone-Air-Free-Bicycle-Tire Bridgestone Airless Tires Are Coming to a Semi-Truck Near You—But First, Bikes
2020.01.20 Germany USA New Parts NEW IBM, Daimler researchers use quantum computer to simulate Li-sulfur battery chemistry
2020.01.20 France Lebanon Japan Others NEW ‘I was brutally taken from my world as I knew it’: Fugitive Carlos Ghosn says treated ruthlessly by Japan
2020.01.20 USA China OEM Activities NEW Tesla's riding on 'ludicrous mode,' fueling more target hikes and burning shorts in dizzying stock increase
2020.01.20 USA Industrial Trends Others NEW New Jersey advancing plug-ins: 330K units by end of 2025, 2M by 2035, 85% of new vehicles by 2040
2020.01.20 South Korea Industrial Trends OEM Activities NEW Hyundai Motor Group appoints aviation consultant to lead global strategy and operations of UAM division
2020.01.20 Australia China Industrial Trends NEW CRU: lithium price downtrend continues, with disappointing EV sales in China the driver
2020.01.20 China OEM Activities NEW Wind River collaborating with Baidu on autonomous driving platform
2020.01.20 USA Industrial Trends OEM Activities NEW Tesla Is Now Worth More Than Ford and GM—Combined
2020.01.20 USA OEM Activities New Parts NEW This Lidar Is So Cheap It Could Make Self-Driving a Reality
2020.01.20 Canada OEM Activities Others NEW Nemaska Lithium gets lifeline, just as Tesla wins new interest in China
2020.01.20 China New Services NEW AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China
2020.01.20 USA China New Services New Models NEW Air taxi company EHang flies autonomously in the US for the first time
2020.01.13 World Industrial Trends The Age of Coal is over: It’s time to deal with it
2020.01.13 USA World OEM Activities New Services Tesla will protect bicyclists from “dooring” in future OTA update, notes Elon Musk
2020.01.13 USA OEM Activities New Parts Rivian’s color-coded battery charge indicator patent makes charging extra-convenient
2020.01.13 China New Models 2021 Byton M-Byte First Look: Performance Is Beside the Point for This Futuristic EV
2020.01.13 Japan OEM Activities The Prius Is No Longer Toyota's Best-Selling Hybrid—Wait, What?
2020.01.13 South Korea New Models Hyundai: Our Dedicated EV Is Coming Soon, We Promise
2020.01.13 Ireland USA China OEM Activities New Services BYTON partners with Aiqudo for Voice AI in its EVs
2020.01.13 Australia New Parts Monash-led team develops efficient Li-S battery
2020.01.13 Japan New Parts New Services Green hydrogen station H2One Station Unit opens in Tsuruga City, Japan
2020.01.13 USA OEM Activities Ainstein, ADAC Automotive form JV to design, develop, manufacture mmWave radar-based sensing solutions
2020.01.13 China OEM Activities Didi Chuxing teams with NVIDIA for autonomous driving and cloud computing
2020.01.13 USA Industrial Trends OEM Activities Electric GT Crate Motors Convert Your Favorite Vehicles from Gas to Electric
2020.01.13 Japan OEM Activities Toyota is building a tiny utopian prototype city filled with people, robots and AI
2020.01.13 USA OEM Activities New Parts Echodyne steers its high-tech radar beam on autonomous cars with EchoDrive
2020.01.13 Turkey Lebanon Japan Others The Former CEO of Nissan Was Likely Smuggled Out of Japan
2020.01.06 Brazil OEM Activities Fiat Chrysler to sell Teksid cast iron unit to Brazil's Tupy for $233 million
2020.01.06 China Japan Others China fines Toyota $12.5 million over Lexus price-fixing
2020.01.06 Germany New Models The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo has an EPA range of 201 miles
2020.01.06 Germany Qatar New Models VW partners with Qatar to deploy self-driving electric Kombis in 2022
2020.01.06 USA Others Uber Founder Kalanick Vacates Company’s Board
2020.01.06 USA New Services Exclusive: Electrify America Agrees To Discuss Network's Issues
2020.01.06 USA Others Tesla's Record Stock Price Shows Its Investment In Energy Storage Is Finally Paying Off
2020.01.06 World Industrial Trends The Guardian view on car culture: change is coming
2020.01.06 Germany OEM Activities Others Volkswagen fined record $125m for misleading Australian consumers over diesel emissions
2020.01.06 USA Japan OEM Activities 8 Foreign Cars You Might Be Surprised are Made in America
2020.01.06 UK New Services Wayve to start autonomous car trials in London
2020.01.06 USA Industrial Trends OEM Activities Ford Is Making Car Parts From the Skin of McDonald’s Coffee Beans
2020.01.06 UK OEM Activities Aston Martin shares accelerate on talk of bid by F1 billionaire
2020.01.06 UK Others Car plant shutdowns around Brexit deadline hit UK production
2020.01.06 USA World Industrial Trends The War to Remotely Control Self-Driving Cars Heats Up
2019.12.30 USA New Models Fisker's new electric SUV has a name
2019.12.30 Germany USA China OEM Activities VW's self-driving car group will have offices in Silicon Valley and China
2019.12.30 Germany New Models Audi AI:ME teases an autonomous curated cocoon for the mean city
2019.12.30 Sweden Industrial Trends Others This electric road charges your car while you drive
2019.12.30 China New Models Electric SUV will include a 5G link to connected cities
2019.12.30 UK Industrial Trends Others Charge Electric Ford Mustang
2019.12.30 USA New Parts New Models Divergent's Blade is World's First 3D-Printed Hypercar
2019.12.30 Germany New Parts BMW hints at future plans, with 3D-printed motorcycle frame
2019.12.30 USA OEM Activities 50 Daimler electric school buses to roll into Virginia
2019.12.30 World New Models Mighty, modular and plain memorable camper vans of 2019
2019.12.30 New Services Futurus wants to turn your car's whole windscreen into an AR display
2019.12.30 Spain New Models SEAT Minimó: Two Seater All Electric Concept Vehicle for Micromobility
2019.12.30 UK New Services The Future of Classic Electric Car by Lunaz Design
2019.12.30 Japan New Models Futuristic Toyota LQ with Artificial Intelligence Agent “Yui” to Deliver Personalized Driving Experience
2019.12.30 Japan New Services New Models Futuristic Toyota E-Palette Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) – Multi-Mode Transportation Design