Commentary on the Drive System of the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (PHEV)


In November 2018, the Crosstrek Hybrid was unveiled in the United States. It is the first hybrid model borne out of the technical cooperation between Subaru and Toyota. As for the model’s transaxle, it was displayed beforehand as part of a cutaway model at EVS 31 in September 2018. Based on structural analysis and announced performance specifications, I try to give a detailed account on Toyota’s technical contribution and Subaru’s own design. (Diagrams presented below were taken from presRead more...

Generator Gas Turbines: Intended for Series HEV, REEV; Noise, Waste Heat Processing Pose Challenge


For series hybrid and range-extender electric vehicles the engine’s sole purpose is power generation. Since transient and partial load driving cycles no longer pose any serious obstacles thanks to advancement in power generation development, several engine technologies, which were suspended or abandoned altogether before, are now in the limelight again. One of the examples is Mazda’s plan to revive rotary engines to be used as range extenders. In addition, some suppliers began proposing instRead more...

Odor Sensors: Potential Practical Application Increases As AI Advances


Out of the five senses, in-vehicle sensors can already detect three senses namely sight, hearing and touch. However, an in-vehicle device which can sense smell has yet to be commercially available. It is a difficult task to identify odors mechanically. There are 400,000 types of odor molecules in nature whose combinations make up odors. For instance, the scent of coffee is the combination of over 500 different molecules. Human beings identify various odors based on experience. The development Read more...

On-street Parking Support Service: Real-time Information Based on Onboard, Infrastructure Sensors


Application services which support on-street parking are on the rise in Europe and North America. In addition to in-pavement sensors and overhead detectors mounted on street lights and traffic signals, data are obtained from in-vehicle ultrasonic sensors. Collected data on parking space availability are sent to users through the cloud. US internet service and mobile app provider INRIX provides technical support to BMW’s On Street Parking Information which was launched in 2016. By making fullRead more...


Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2019.09.17 India New Models Introducing Maruti Suzuki NEXA's new premium MPV, the XL6
2019.09.17 Japan Industrial Trends JTEKT Promotes Business Alliances for AI-related Technologies
2019.09.17 Germany Industrial Trends Everything in View: Continental Combines the Front and Interior Camera for Automated Driving
2019.09.17 Germany New Parts New dimension: Bosch is paving the way for 3D displays in vehicles
2019.09.17 USA Industrial Trends BMW Group Plant Spartanburg doubles battery production capacity
2019.09.17 Japan Industrial Trends Nidec Announces Establishment of Joint Venture with Chinese Automaker, Guangzhou Automobile Group, for Manufacturing Traction Motors for Automobiles
2019.09.17 Japan OEM Activities Mazda Achieves Highly Efficient Engineering Using Mentor's Capital Electrical Design Software
2019.09.17 Japan OEM Activities Honda Motor Renews domestic used car business
2019.09.17 Japan New Parts Renesas Electronics: Releases a 14-cell lithium-ion battery management IC that maximizes battery life and cruising range of hybrid and electric vehicles
2019.09.17 Israel OEM Activities Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in Israeli technology start-ups MDGo and UVeye
2019.09.17 USA New Models Honda to Launch Facelifted Civic Hatchback in US Ahead of Other Markets
2019.09.17 Industrial Trends Establishment of a new plant in the Republic of Serbia
2019.09.17 USA Industrial Trends Waymo: Rain Testing in the Sunshine State
2019.09.17 Germany New Models Mercedes-Benz: wide range of third-generation plug-in hybrids
2019.09.17 Japan New Services Sony and Yamaha Motor Partner to Develop Cart for Entertainment Use