South Korea Aims for Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2020

2019-12-09 NEW

Looking at the trends in the development of ADAS / autonomous driving technologies by Korean car and component manufacturers, companies aim to commercialize SAE standard Level 3 autonomous driving system in 2020. In addition, the invest in development and form partnerships to achieve Level 4 technology by 2025 and fully automated driving technology equivalent to Level 5 by 2030. South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport have set upRead more...

Latest Trends in the FCEV Sector; Toyota, BMW, Fuso Announce New Concept Models

2019-12-09 NEW

This report gives an overview of trends in hydrogen mobility policies of various countries and FCEV plans of major automakers. In the US and Germany, the governments have provided huge financial support for hydrogen-related projects. In Japan, a hydrogen and fuel cell technology development strategy was formulated in September 2019 with the goal of setting the price difference between FCEV and HEV models to 700,000 Japanese yen by 2025. China’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry is highly influencRead more...

Development Issues, Design Direction of Next-generation Electric Axles (Part 2 of 2)

2019-12-09 NEW

Direction of Next-generation E-axle DevelopmentAnonymous interview with a powertrain development consultant familiar with the global market Lubrication and thermal management of E-axles Using lubricants optimized for unit characteristics and market needs At an international CVT conference, Idemitsu announced the development of a new oil for GM and SUBARU chain CVTs. In short, there is an optimal oil for each unit. There are two types of lubricating oils, mineral oil derived from crude oRead more...

VW’s MEB Platform: Structural Analysis (Part 2 of 2)

2019-12-09 NEW

VW MEB Platform: Vehicle Body Structure Technical Requirements for MEB Body-in-White (BiW) Structure Comparison of the MEB Platform to the conventional MQB Platform ・The MEB platform was designed around the high-voltage battery housing (HVBH) that occupies most of the platform base. ・The battery-centric design required a new approach against collisions. – In addition, the capacity of the high-voltage battery was increased from 35.8kWh (e-Golf) to 45–77kWh. MEB platform: Top design prRead more...

Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2019.12.02 Japan EV/Hybrid Solving of Inverse Problems Enables Non-destructive Battery Inspection (2 of 2)
2019.12.02 Germany World OEM Strategy Body/Chassis VW’s MEB Platform: Structural Analysis (Part 1 of 2)
2019.12.02 Japan Others Tire Companies Develop New Weight Reduction Technologies by Improving Materials
2019.12.02 Japan World Powertrain Development Issues, Design Direction of Next-gen Electric Axles (Part 1 of 2)
2019.11.25 Japan EV/Hybrid Solving of Inverse Problems Enables Non-destructive Battery Inspection (1 of 2)
2019.11.25 Japan Europe(General) Powertrain 2019 JSAE/SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants International Meeting: Discussing the Direction of Powertrain Development with an Aim for Zero Emissions in 2050 (Part 4 of 4)
2019.11.25 USA China OEM Strategy Powertrain GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets (Part 2 of 2)
2019.11.25 China EV/Hybrid China’s Fuel Cell Sector: New Entrants, Rapid Development Intensify Competition
2019.11.18 France USA China Europe(General) OEM Strategy PSA – FCA Merger: Intensifying Development of B-segment BEV Sold Below 2 Million Japanese Yen
2019.11.18 Japan Europe(General) EV/Hybrid Powertrain JSAE/SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants International Meeting: Discussing the Direction of Powertrain Development with an Aim for Zero Emissions in 2050 (Part 3 of 4)
2019.11.18 Japan New Models Powertrain AD/ADAS Body/Chassis Interior/HMI Toyota Corolla: Adopting TNGA-C to Increase Size and Component Sharing Rate (Part 2 of 2)
2019.11.18 USA Canada China Europe(General) Asia (General) OEM Strategy New Models GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets


Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2019.12.09 Greece OEM Activities NEW These 3D-Printed, Carbon Composite Connecting Rods Are Strong Enough to Withstand 3,000 HP
2019.12.09 Japan OEM Activities NEW CATL and Toyota Form Comprehensive Partnership for New Energy Vehicle Batteries
2019.12.09 Industrial Trends NEW Volkswagen America CEO Sees Youth-Driven 'Rebellion' Coming Against SUVs
2019.12.09 China Japan OEM Activities NEW Massive EV Offensive Toyota Goes Electric Starting In 2020: Announces Massive EV Offensive
2019.12.09 Industrial Trends NEW LA_AutoShow_SmallCrossovers Coming for 2021: Small crossovers and EVs star at LA Auto Show
2019.12.09 USA Industrial Trends NEW Waymo is creating 3D maps of Los Angeles to better understand traffic congestion
2019.12.09 OEM Activities NEW Terna and FCA Join Forces for Electric Mobility
2019.12.09 Germany OEM Activities NEW La Bandita: Siemens Automotive Project Uses Hybrid Manufacturing
2019.12.09 Italy OEM Activities NEW Maserati announces plans for all-new models to be developed, electrified and produced in Italy
2019.12.09 Japan OEM Activities New Models NEW Mazda RX-9 hopes boosted by new rotary-engine technology
2019.12.09 China OEM Activities NEW Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress November 22, 2019: Video
2019.12.09 USA Canada OEM Activities NEW Recall: Some 2019 Ford Rangers' taillights might not work
2019.12.09 USA OEM Activities NEW Nikola develops new battery technology
2019.12.09 Sweden OEM Activities NEW Volvo Cars launches fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge as part of new electrified car line
2019.12.09 World Industrial Trends NEW Formula 1 targets carbon neutral racing by 2030
2019.12.02 OEM Activities New battery hub at Mirafiori speeds FCA electric product plans
2019.12.02 UK Industrial Trends Uber May Be Banned From London, One of Its Biggest Markets
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities Tesla Buys Hibar Systems In Another Effort To Make Its Own Batteries
2019.12.02 Europe(General) OEM Activities Mazda CX-30 Excels In Euro NCAP Crash Tests, New Opel Corsa Gets Four Stars
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities The Dandelion is an all-terrain tire concept that has 72 legs instead of an air-filled tube
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities Electrify America launches $500 electric car home charger
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities Segway-Ninebot Expands into New Market Category with the Introduction of Segway Dirt eBike
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities Chrysler Prodded Dealers Over 40,000 Cars They Didn’t Want
2019.12.02 OEM Activities Suppliers Have More Lithium Than EV Manufacturers Currently Need
2019.12.02 France USA OEM Activities Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities VW Begins Expanding Chattanooga Plant, Will Build ID.4 In 2022
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities EV, hybrid acceleration key for BorgWarner CEO
2019.12.02 USA OEM Activities The Hunstable Electric Turbine promises a revolution in electric motors
2019.12.02 Czech Republic New Models 2020 Škoda Octavia Unveiled Globally
2019.12.02 China OEM Activities Great Wall Motors Breaks Ground on USD1.1 Billion NEV Plant
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts The Cell Phone Stays in Your Pocket: Continental Presents an Integrated Concept for Connected Services
2019.11.25 Mexico OEM Activities Visteon opens new technical center in Querétaro to support continued growth with North America customers
2019.11.25 Germany OEM Activities Rheinmetall Automotive receives record orders for new product
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts Pierburg: Electric vacuum pump offering a multitude of options
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts Explosions that save lives
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts KS Kolbenschmidt: New maintenance-free plain bearing KS P180 for undiminished drive comfort
2019.11.25 China OEM Activities Inteva Products Expands Manufacturing Capabilities of Inteather™ Material in China
2019.11.25 Germany OEM Activities Continental Intends to Spin Off Vitesco Technologies
2019.11.25 Canada OEM Activities Magna to Develop and ‘Auto Qualify’ a More Powerful and Affordable Electric Motor
2019.11.25 Germany OEM Activities Hamburg and Continental agree on mobility partnership
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts The Latest Generation of City Bus Efficiency: ZF Presents EcoLife 2 Transmission System
2019.11.25 Germany OEM Activities Bosch poised for leap in e-mobility technology
2019.11.25 Switzerland OEM Activities Hybrid-Acoustics PET sets new standards for sustainable noise protection
2019.11.25 Germany OEM Activities No Traffic Jams in the City: ZF Makes Local Public Transport Smart and Low on Emissions
2019.11.18 Israel OEM Activities Porsche invests in Israeli start-up Tactile Mobility
2019.11.18 World OEM Activities TRATON and Hino establish a procurement joint venture
2019.11.18 China OEM Activities Volkswagen strengthens brand presentation in China: MEB roadmap, new models and new brand design
2019.11.18 India OEM Activities Volkswagen Group India consolidates into a new entity: ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited
2019.11.18 R.Korea OEM Activities Hyundai Motor Company Reveals Commercial Truck Mobility Vision at NACV Show
2019.11.18 Czech Republic New Models ŠKODA KAMIQ GT
2019.11.18 Spain OEM Activities SEAT: Biofuel project.
2019.11.18 R.Korea OEM Activities Hyundai Motor Accelerates Hydrogen Technology Development through Strategic Investments
2019.11.18 Czech Republic New Models Production of SUPERB iV begins
2019.11.18 Germany OEM Activities Audi electrifies Munich: new, free charging, parking and shuttle service at airport
2019.11.18 Germany New Models Porsche extends electric sports car model range with the Taycan 4S
2019.11.18 Germany New Models Electrifying full-size sedan: the Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro
2019.11.18 USA OEM Activities Hyundai Autonomous Cars Hit the Streets in Irvine, California
2019.11.18 Germany OEM Activities Opel Continues Electrification Offensive: 8 Electrified Models by 2021
2019.11.18 Germany OEM Activities Porsche and SAP announce strategic partnership