About Us

Company Profile

  • Company name: FOURIN, Inc.
  • Address: Sakuragaoka 292, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City 464-0025
  • TEL: (81) 52-789-1101 FAX: (81) 52-789-1147
  • Established: September 1980
  • Executives: Representative Director Chairman SUZUKI Masao
  • Managing Director KUBO Tetsuo
  • Director TANAKA Yachiyo
  • Director NIIYAMA Takahiro
  • Auditor SUZUKI Makoto
  • Technology Department: Department Head HIGASHI Naofumi
  • WATT Section: Section Chief SUZUKI Makoto
  • Employees: 45 people
  • Registered capital: 53.5 million JPY

40th Anniversary Founding

FOURIN, Inc., a Japanese company established in September 1980, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2020. The company specializes in the publication of surveys and reports on the global automotive industry. Its main products are four monthly publications on specific regions/countries of the world and two other monthly publications on specific topics. Our current number of subscribers (companies) is 2,000 in total.

FOURIN, Inc. periodically also publishes various annual research reports.

FOURIN, Inc. also releases one-time research reports on various topics.

Depending on needs, FOURIN, Inc. has also held various forums.

Please visit our website (in Japanese) for further information on our company.

FOURIN, Inc. has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting, in China.

Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting publishes three monthly reports and various other research reports.

Please visit FOURIN Automotive Consulting website (in Chinese) for further information on the company.