What is WATT?


WATT (World Automotive Technology Trends) weekly


  • In recent years, there has been increasing pressure on the global automotive industry to be more environmentally conscious. For this reason, the research and development of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles and fully-automated driving have come to the fore, pitting the global automotive industry against a new wave of competition coming from various industries previously unrelated to vehicle manufacturing.
  • Today, the global automotive industry is inventing new vehicle manufacturing technologies, including energy conversion. The development of these new technologies has become the main focal point of the industry. Never before seen intense competition is currently unfolding, which could decide the future of global automakers and parts suppliers.
  • FOURIN, Inc., a Japanese company established in September 1980, specializes in the publication of surveys and reports on the global automotive industry. We publish "FOURIN's Monthly Reports on the Global Automotive Technology" (printed) in Japanese, along with other publications intended for the Japanese market. The Chinese version of this publication (printed) is published in China by our affiliate Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Recently, many industry professionals from around the world have asked us publish our technology monthly in English as well. Encouraged by this demand, FOURIN, Inc. has decided to launch an English version as well called WATT Weekly (digital only).


Currently, writing and editing of publications are conducted in Japanese and then translated to English. However, we are planning to release original English articles once preparations are completed.

Date of Launch:

December 2, 2019 (Monday)

Publication Schedule:

Every Monday at 10:00 AM Japan Standard Time. If Monday is holiday or other non-business day, publication takes place on the following business day.

Publication Volume:

Every week, at least four reports and at least 15 news pieces are uploaded.