Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.17 NEW The Issue of “Forced” Technology Transfer in China
2020.02.17 India Others NEW India’s Automobile Sales Drop in 28 Administrative Divisions Out of 33 in YTD September 2019
2020.02.17 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS NEW Japanese Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers’ Major Business Trends from 2020
2020.02.17 NEW Grab Expands Capital, Business Tie-ups with Toyota, Yamaha, Hyundai Group
2020.02.10 Pakistan Others Pakistan’s Motorcycle Production Declines Double-digits in FY 2018/2019
2020.02.10 China Others China Implements New Foreign Investment Law in 2020
2020.02.10 India EV/Hybrid India’s BEV Bus Sector: China’s BYD, Beiqi Foton Are Second Only to Local Players
2020.02.03 Japan Germany Powertrain Others Hitachi Zosen Promotes Methanation to Realize Carbon Neutral Operations
2020.02.03 UK Spain USA Canada China Japan Europe(General) Germany OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS Global Smart City Initiatives by Countries, Automakers
2020.02.03 Germany Japan E/E Others High-accuracy Positioning Terminal Estimates Vehicle Position Within a Few Centimeters
2020.01.27 Japan World E/E Interior/HMI Rohm, STMicroelectronics’ Integrated Solution for In-vehicle Wireless Power Supply
2020.01.27 Japan Europe(General) World Powertrain MHIET Develops Turbochargers Suitable for the Age of Electrification
2020.01.27 China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Nidec Starts Production of 1st-gen E-Axle, R&D of 2nd, 3rd Generation Is Underway
2020.01.27 World E/E AD/ADAS Next-generation E/E Architecture Aims for Central Vehicle Control ECU
2020.01.20 Japan Europe(General) Others Water Injection Is Under Consideration to Meet Euro 7
2020.01.20 World EV/Hybrid Powertrain Overview of the Latest AWD BEV Drivetrain Specifications
2020.01.20 China Japan EV/Hybrid Others China’s New NEV Regulations for 2021–2023
2020.01.20 China EV/Hybrid Powertrain Others Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential
2020.01.13 Europe(General) EV/Hybrid PSA, BMW, VW, Tesla All Compete to Set Up Gigafactories in Europe
2020.01.13 World Editorial CO2 Reduction by LCA, Digitalization Must Be Pursued in the 2020s
2020.01.13 Japan OEM Strategy AD/ADAS Digitalization, AD, ADAS, Communication Trends in the Japanese Automotive Industry
2020.01.06 Germany China OEM Strategy 9th Aachen Colloquium China: Chinese OEMs Aim to Improve Engine Thermal Efficiency
2020.01.06 UK Sweden AD/ADAS Jaguar Land Rover Focuses on ACES, Strengthens Technical Capabilities
2020.01.06 Japan Others New Suspensions Adopt High-response Continuously-variable Lightweight Dampers
2020.01.06 Germany Japan Powertrain Others Automakers Use LCA to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Encourage Suppliers to Follow Suit
2019.12.30 Europe(General) Powertrain Others Life Cycle Assessment Influences All Technical Fields Including Vehicle Body Sector
2019.12.30 Germany Japan OEM Strategy Powertrain Fuel Injection Sector Raises Injection Pressure to Meet Fuel Economy, Emission Rules
2019.12.30 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Body/Chassis Japanese Automakers Are Developing Next-generation, BEV-only Platforms
2019.12.30 USA China Japan Body/Chassis US, Chinese Automakers Increasingly Use Magnesium as Vehicle Body Material
2019.12.23 Japan OEM Strategy Toyota and Softbank’s New Mobility Service MONET
2019.12.16 Japan AD/ADAS Current Situation, Future Policies of Autonomous Driving, ITS Development in Japan
2019.12.16 Europe(General) Powertrain Gasoline Engines in Era of Electrification: Mass-made Pre-Combustion Chamber
2019.12.16 Europe(General) New Models New VW Golf Features Improved PHEV, Brand’s First 48V MHEV
2019.12.09 South Korea AD/ADAS South Korea Aims for Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2020
2019.12.09 UK Norway Sweden Germany Finland USA China Japan South Korea Denmark Europe(General) OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Latest Trends in the FCEV Sector; Toyota, BMW, Fuso Announce New Concept Models
2019.12.02 Japan Others Tire Companies Develop New Weight Reduction Technologies by Improving Materials
2019.12.02 Japan World Powertrain Development Issues, Design Direction of Next-gen Electric Axles
2019.12.02 Germany World OEM Strategy Body/Chassis VW’s MEB Platform: Structural Analysis
2019.11.25 Japan EV/Hybrid Solving of Inverse Problems Enables Non-destructive Battery Inspection
2019.11.25 USA China OEM Strategy Powertrain GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets (Part 2 of 2)
2019.11.25 China EV/Hybrid China’s Fuel Cell Sector: New Entrants, Rapid Development Intensify Competition
2019.11.18 USA Canada China Europe(General) Asia (General) OEM Strategy New Models GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets
2019.11.18 France USA China Europe(General) OEM Strategy PSA – FCA Merger: Intensifying Development of B-segment BEV Sold Below 2 Million Japanese Yen
2019.11.11 Japan Europe(General) Editorial Shifting from Cars Creating Society to Thinking Up Cars for Society
2019.11.11 Japan World Powertrain Electric Water Pumps Independent from Engine Rotation Are Increasingly Adopted in the EV Sector
2019.11.11 Japan New Models Toyota Corolla: Adopting TNGA-C to Increase Size and Component Sharing Rate
2019.11.05 Germany Canada China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Vehicle Battery Cases: Suppliers Propose to Use Aluminum, 1.2GPa High-strength Steel for Weight Reduction
2019.11.05 Japan Europe(General) Powertrain Development Trends of E-axles: Technical Requirements, Advantages of Adding CVT
2019.11.05 Japan Powertrain 2019 JSAE/SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants International Meeting: Discussing the Direction of Powertrain Development with an Aim for Zero Emissions in 2050
2019.10.28 USA OEM Strategy New Models Ford Explorer Switches to Rear-wheel drive to Pursue Sportiness, Functionality
2019.10.21 China Europe(General) Powertrain OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Škoda Auto Shifts Focus to Mobility Services, Digital Solutions
2019.10.21 Europe(General) OEM Strategy Interior/HMI Center-Side, External Airbags to Be Introduced for Euro NCAP Requirements
2019.10.21 USA China Hong Kong Europe(General) OEM Strategy AD/ADAS Waymo and Handful of Other Startups Continue to Dominate the Sector
2019.10.15 China Powertrain Commercial Vehicle Engine After-treatment Systems: Companies to Comply with New Emission Regulations
2019.10.15 Japan Body/Chassis Futaba Cold Forming of Body Frame Parts Using 1.5GPa Material
2019.10.15 Germany USA China EV/Hybrid Powertrain OEM Strategy ZF’s New Eight-speed Hybrid AT to Go into Mass Production in 2022
2019.10.15 China Europe(General) OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Body/Chassis Bosch, Benteler Jointly Develop BEV Platform, Targeting Emerging OEMs in China
2019.10.07 USA Japan South Korea EV/Hybrid E/E Wireless Power Supply: Standards Are Mostly Unified, Related Technology Is Under Development
2019.09.30 USA Japan OEM Strategy Others Enhancing Product Value with Subaru’s Design and Digital Tools
2019.09.30 China Japan Editorial The Global Automobile Industry Is Entering a Period of Low Growth: Survival Requires the Restructuring of Technology Development Strategies
2019.09.30 Japan AD/ADAS Interior/HMI Japan’s Mini Vehicles: Advanced Technologies, Welfare-related Equipment
2019.09.24 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Powertrain AD/ADAS Honda: eMaaS that Integrates Energy Business, Mobility
2019.09.24 France EV/Hybrid Powertrain Renault to mass-produce two-motor series-parallel hybrid system E-TECH using dog clutch from 2020
2019.09.24 Japan OEM Strategy Toyota’s Platform Strategy: Added BEV-exclusive e-TNGA to Its Conventional TNGA Lineup
2019.09.24 Germany USA China Others 3D Metal Printers: German Automakers Continue R&D As Core Technology of Industry 4.0
2019.09.17 Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Commentary on the Drive System of the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (PHEV)
2019.09.17 Japan Interior/HMI Odor Sensors: Potential Practical Application Increases As AI Advances
2019.09.17 AD/ADAS On-street Parking Support Service: Real-time Information Based on Onboard, Infrastructure Sensors
2019.09.17 Japan UK New Zealand Sweden USA China EV/Hybrid Powertrain Generator Gas Turbines: Intended for Series HEV, REEV; Noise, Waste Heat Processing Pose Challenge
2019.09.09 China Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Global BEV Trends: Current Situation and Future Plans Until 2022
2019.09.09 China OEM Strategy Powertrain EV/Hybrid New Pi4 PHEV Platform
2019.09.09 China Powertrain Chinese Automakers Are Shifting Toward FI Engine, 48V, E-Axle Technologies
2019.09.09 Germany USA China Japan EV/Hybrid Global PHEV Trends: Current Situation and Future Plans Until 2022
2019.09.02 Japan Powertrain Interview with a Powertrain Engineer: Additional Value of VC-T Engine Breaks into Brand-new Field of Mass-manufactured Engine
2019.09.02 Japan Powertrain AD/ADAS Mazda Motor: Launches next-gen gasoline engine SKYACTIV-X, new vehicle body design
2019.09.02 Japan EV/Hybrid Toyota Supports Electrification by Sharing THS, Technology Patents
2019.09.02 China EV/Hybrid Chinese Startup Manufacturers to Launch NIO, Byton BEV Brands