Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.10 France Israel Lebanon Japan Others Carlos Ghosn issued travel ban in Lebanon after Interpol red notice
2020.02.03 France Japan Industrial Trends Nissan-Renault Alliance Crumbling Following Ghosn Arrest?
2020.01.20 France Lebanon Japan Others ‘I was brutally taken from my world as I knew it’: Fugitive Carlos Ghosn says treated ruthlessly by Japan
2019.12.02 France USA OEM Activities Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region
2019.10.07 France New Models New Renault Zoe: The Pleasure of Driving 100% Electric Takes On A New Dimension
2019.09.30 France OEM Activities Groupe PSA’s passenger cars are all certified under the new EURO 6 requirements and are immediately available for customers
2019.09.02 Israel France Japan Industrial Trends Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi Open Alliance Innovation Lab in Israel