Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.17 World Industrial Trends New Parts NEW How lidar makers are coping with slow progress of self-driving tech
2020.02.10 USA World Industrial Trends New Parts Welcome to the Era of Supercharged Lithium-Silicon Batteries
2020.02.10 USA Japan Europe(General) New Parts Laser Headlights Can Make Roads Brighter—and Cars Smarter
2020.02.03 USA OEM Activities New Parts Eaton Introduces New Advantage Automated Series Clutches for Popular Automated Transmissions
2020.01.27 World New Parts NXP introduces safe and secure automotive multi-gigabit Ethernet switch
2020.01.20 Germany USA New Parts IBM, Daimler researchers use quantum computer to simulate Li-sulfur battery chemistry
2020.01.20 USA OEM Activities New Parts This Lidar Is So Cheap It Could Make Self-Driving a Reality
2020.01.20 Japan Industrial Trends New Parts Bridgestone-Air-Free-Bicycle-Tire Bridgestone Airless Tires Are Coming to a Semi-Truck Near You—But First, Bikes
2020.01.13 USA OEM Activities New Parts Echodyne steers its high-tech radar beam on autonomous cars with EchoDrive
2020.01.13 Japan New Parts New Services Green hydrogen station H2One Station Unit opens in Tsuruga City, Japan
2020.01.13 USA OEM Activities New Parts Rivian’s color-coded battery charge indicator patent makes charging extra-convenient
2020.01.13 Australia New Parts Monash-led team develops efficient Li-S battery
2019.12.30 USA New Parts New Models Divergent's Blade is World's First 3D-Printed Hypercar
2019.12.30 Germany New Parts BMW hints at future plans, with 3D-printed motorcycle frame
2019.12.23 USA OEM Activities New Parts Rivian's Battery Cooling Tech Means Class-Leading Energy Density
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts KS Kolbenschmidt: New maintenance-free plain bearing KS P180 for undiminished drive comfort
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts The Cell Phone Stays in Your Pocket: Continental Presents an Integrated Concept for Connected Services
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts Pierburg: Electric vacuum pump offering a multitude of options
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts Explosions that save lives
2019.11.25 Germany New Parts The Latest Generation of City Bus Efficiency: ZF Presents EcoLife 2 Transmission System