Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.10 Germany USA New Services BMW i Ventures invests in optical AI software company Alitheon
2020.01.20 China New Services AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China
2020.01.20 USA India New Services Uber is bringing audio recording, irregular ride checks and authentication code safety features to India
2020.01.20 USA South Korea New Services Hyundai to build air taxis for Uber's future aerial ride share network
2020.01.20 USA China New Services New Models Air taxi company EHang flies autonomously in the US for the first time
2020.01.13 USA World OEM Activities New Services Tesla will protect bicyclists from “dooring” in future OTA update, notes Elon Musk
2020.01.13 Japan New Parts New Services Green hydrogen station H2One Station Unit opens in Tsuruga City, Japan
2020.01.13 Ireland USA China OEM Activities New Services BYTON partners with Aiqudo for Voice AI in its EVs
2020.01.06 USA New Services Exclusive: Electrify America Agrees To Discuss Network's Issues
2020.01.06 UK New Services Wayve to start autonomous car trials in London
2019.12.30 UK New Services The Future of Classic Electric Car by Lunaz Design
2019.12.30 New Services Futurus wants to turn your car's whole windscreen into an AR display
2019.12.30 Japan New Services New Models Futuristic Toyota E-Palette Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) – Multi-Mode Transportation Design
2019.12.23 Germany OEM Activities New Services Audi experiments with a rideshare service in Southern Germany using an EV and gasoline fleet
2019.12.16 Italy OEM Activities New Services Terna and FCA join forces for electric mobility trial of innovative service for V2G gets underway
2019.12.16 Sweden USA New Services Fully electric Volvo XC40 introduces brand new infotainment system powered by Android with Google technologies built-in
2019.10.15 Indonesia New Services DENSO and Global Mobility Service to begin testing refrigerated delivery service in Indonesia
2019.10.15 New Services ZF Aftermarket: Switchable engine mounts made for greater ride comfort
2019.10.07 USA New Services General Motors to Bring Amazon Alexa to Millions of Vehicles
2019.09.17 Japan New Services Sony and Yamaha Motor Partner to Develop Cart for Entertainment Use