Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.03 Japan OEM Activities New Models Kubota unveils radical autonomous electric tractor in Japan
2020.01.20 USA China New Services New Models Air taxi company EHang flies autonomously in the US for the first time
2020.01.13 South Korea New Models Hyundai: Our Dedicated EV Is Coming Soon, We Promise
2020.01.13 China New Models 2021 Byton M-Byte First Look: Performance Is Beside the Point for This Futuristic EV
2020.01.06 Germany New Models The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo has an EPA range of 201 miles
2020.01.06 Germany Qatar New Models VW partners with Qatar to deploy self-driving electric Kombis in 2022
2019.12.30 Japan New Services New Models Futuristic Toyota E-Palette Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) – Multi-Mode Transportation Design
2019.12.30 Spain New Models SEAT Minimó: Two Seater All Electric Concept Vehicle for Micromobility
2019.12.30 Germany New Models Audi AI:ME teases an autonomous curated cocoon for the mean city
2019.12.30 World New Models Mighty, modular and plain memorable camper vans of 2019
2019.12.30 China New Models Electric SUV will include a 5G link to connected cities
2019.12.30 Japan New Models Futuristic Toyota LQ with Artificial Intelligence Agent “Yui” to Deliver Personalized Driving Experience
2019.12.30 USA New Models Fisker's new electric SUV has a name
2019.12.30 USA New Parts New Models Divergent's Blade is World's First 3D-Printed Hypercar
2019.12.23 Germany New Models The Porsche Macan GTS Is Back With 375 Horsepower
2019.12.23 Italy Netherlands New Models Ferrari reveals an elegant new GT, the Roma
2019.12.16 USA China New Models Karma's SC2 Concept Car Promises 10,500 lb-ft of Wheel Torque & 1.9s to 60 MPH
2019.12.09 Japan OEM Activities New Models Mazda RX-9 hopes boosted by new rotary-engine technology
2019.12.02 Czech Republic New Models 2020 Škoda Octavia Unveiled Globally
2019.11.18 Germany New Models Porsche extends electric sports car model range with the Taycan 4S