Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.10 China Industrial Trends Others Chinese researchers develop new alloy for on-board hydrogen production for fuel cells
2020.02.10 France Israel Lebanon Japan Others Carlos Ghosn issued travel ban in Lebanon after Interpol red notice
2020.02.10 USA Canada Industrial Trends OEM Activities Others Vancouver Wants to Avoid Other Cities' Mistakes With Uber and Lyft
2020.02.03 Germany Canada Industrial Trends Others Ottawa slaps Volkswagen with $196.5-million fine for 'dieselgate' — largest ever environmental penalty in Canada's history
2020.02.03 Belgium Industrial Trends OEM Activities Others Audi Struggles With e-tron Production Because Of Suppliers
2020.02.03 World Industrial Trends Others New Safety Gizmos Are Making Car Insurance More Expensive
2020.02.03 World Industrial Trends Others Making Public Transit Fairer to Women Demands Way More Data
2020.02.03 UK Industrial Trends Others Polluting vehicles could be pulled from UK sale, say carmakers
2020.01.27 Germany Japan Industrial Trends Others Defeat Device Suspicions Lead to Mitsubishi Probe
2020.01.20 France Lebanon Japan Others ‘I was brutally taken from my world as I knew it’: Fugitive Carlos Ghosn says treated ruthlessly by Japan
2020.01.20 USA Industrial Trends Others New Jersey advancing plug-ins: 330K units by end of 2025, 2M by 2035, 85% of new vehicles by 2040
2020.01.20 Canada OEM Activities Others Nemaska Lithium gets lifeline, just as Tesla wins new interest in China
2020.01.13 Turkey Lebanon Japan Others The Former CEO of Nissan Was Likely Smuggled Out of Japan
2020.01.06 UK Others Car plant shutdowns around Brexit deadline hit UK production
2020.01.06 Germany OEM Activities Others Volkswagen fined record $125m for misleading Australian consumers over diesel emissions
2020.01.06 USA Others Uber Founder Kalanick Vacates Company’s Board
2020.01.06 China Japan Others China fines Toyota $12.5 million over Lexus price-fixing
2020.01.06 USA Others Tesla's Record Stock Price Shows Its Investment In Energy Storage Is Finally Paying Off
2019.12.30 Sweden Industrial Trends Others This electric road charges your car while you drive
2019.12.30 UK Industrial Trends Others Charge Electric Ford Mustang