Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.17 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS NEW Japanese Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers’ Major Business Trends from 2020
2020.02.10 India EV/Hybrid India’s BEV Bus Sector: China’s BYD, Beiqi Foton Are Second Only to Local Players
2020.02.03 UK Spain USA Canada China Japan Europe(General) Germany OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS Global Smart City Initiatives by Countries, Automakers
2020.01.27 China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Nidec Starts Production of 1st-gen E-Axle, R&D of 2nd, 3rd Generation Is Underway
2020.01.20 China Japan EV/Hybrid Others China’s New NEV Regulations for 2021–2023
2020.01.20 China EV/Hybrid Powertrain Others Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential
2020.01.20 World EV/Hybrid Powertrain Overview of the Latest AWD BEV Drivetrain Specifications
2020.01.13 Europe(General) EV/Hybrid PSA, BMW, VW, Tesla All Compete to Set Up Gigafactories in Europe
2019.12.30 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Body/Chassis Japanese Automakers Are Developing Next-generation, BEV-only Platforms
2019.12.09 UK Norway Sweden Germany Finland USA China Japan South Korea Denmark Europe(General) OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Latest Trends in the FCEV Sector; Toyota, BMW, Fuso Announce New Concept Models
2019.11.25 Japan EV/Hybrid Solving of Inverse Problems Enables Non-destructive Battery Inspection
2019.11.25 China EV/Hybrid China’s Fuel Cell Sector: New Entrants, Rapid Development Intensify Competition
2019.11.05 Germany Canada China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Vehicle Battery Cases: Suppliers Propose to Use Aluminum, 1.2GPa High-strength Steel for Weight Reduction
2019.10.21 China Europe(General) Powertrain OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Škoda Auto Shifts Focus to Mobility Services, Digital Solutions
2019.10.15 China Europe(General) OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Body/Chassis Bosch, Benteler Jointly Develop BEV Platform, Targeting Emerging OEMs in China
2019.10.15 Germany USA China EV/Hybrid Powertrain OEM Strategy ZF’s New Eight-speed Hybrid AT to Go into Mass Production in 2022
2019.10.07 USA Japan South Korea EV/Hybrid E/E Wireless Power Supply: Standards Are Mostly Unified, Related Technology Is Under Development
2019.09.24 France EV/Hybrid Powertrain Renault to mass-produce two-motor series-parallel hybrid system E-TECH using dog clutch from 2020
2019.09.24 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Powertrain AD/ADAS Honda: eMaaS that Integrates Energy Business, Mobility
2019.09.17 Japan UK New Zealand Sweden USA China EV/Hybrid Powertrain Generator Gas Turbines: Intended for Series HEV, REEV; Noise, Waste Heat Processing Pose Challenge