Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.03 Japan Germany Powertrain Others Hitachi Zosen Promotes Methanation to Realize Carbon Neutral Operations
2020.01.27 Japan Europe(General) World Powertrain MHIET Develops Turbochargers Suitable for the Age of Electrification
2020.01.27 China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Nidec Starts Production of 1st-gen E-Axle, R&D of 2nd, 3rd Generation Is Underway
2020.01.20 China EV/Hybrid Powertrain Others Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential
2020.01.20 World EV/Hybrid Powertrain Overview of the Latest AWD BEV Drivetrain Specifications
2020.01.06 Germany Japan Powertrain Others Automakers Use LCA to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Encourage Suppliers to Follow Suit
2019.12.30 Europe(General) Powertrain Others Life Cycle Assessment Influences All Technical Fields Including Vehicle Body Sector
2019.12.30 Germany Japan OEM Strategy Powertrain Fuel Injection Sector Raises Injection Pressure to Meet Fuel Economy, Emission Rules
2019.12.16 Europe(General) Powertrain Gasoline Engines in Era of Electrification: Mass-made Pre-Combustion Chamber
2019.12.02 Japan World Powertrain Development Issues, Design Direction of Next-gen Electric Axles
2019.11.25 USA China OEM Strategy Powertrain GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets (Part 2 of 2)
2019.11.11 Japan World Powertrain Electric Water Pumps Independent from Engine Rotation Are Increasingly Adopted in the EV Sector
2019.11.05 Germany Canada China Japan EV/Hybrid Powertrain Vehicle Battery Cases: Suppliers Propose to Use Aluminum, 1.2GPa High-strength Steel for Weight Reduction
2019.11.05 Japan Europe(General) Powertrain Development Trends of E-axles: Technical Requirements, Advantages of Adding CVT
2019.11.05 Japan Powertrain 2019 JSAE/SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants International Meeting: Discussing the Direction of Powertrain Development with an Aim for Zero Emissions in 2050
2019.10.21 China Europe(General) Powertrain OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Škoda Auto Shifts Focus to Mobility Services, Digital Solutions
2019.10.15 China Powertrain Commercial Vehicle Engine After-treatment Systems: Companies to Comply with New Emission Regulations
2019.10.15 Germany USA China EV/Hybrid Powertrain OEM Strategy ZF’s New Eight-speed Hybrid AT to Go into Mass Production in 2022
2019.09.24 France EV/Hybrid Powertrain Renault to mass-produce two-motor series-parallel hybrid system E-TECH using dog clutch from 2020
2019.09.24 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Powertrain AD/ADAS Honda: eMaaS that Integrates Energy Business, Mobility