Date Area/Country Category Article Title
2020.02.17 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS NEW Japanese Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers’ Major Business Trends from 2020
2020.02.03 UK Spain USA Canada China Japan Europe(General) Germany OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid AD/ADAS Global Smart City Initiatives by Countries, Automakers
2020.01.27 World E/E AD/ADAS Next-generation E/E Architecture Aims for Central Vehicle Control ECU
2020.01.13 Japan OEM Strategy AD/ADAS Digitalization, AD, ADAS, Communication Trends in the Japanese Automotive Industry
2020.01.06 UK Sweden AD/ADAS Jaguar Land Rover Focuses on ACES, Strengthens Technical Capabilities
2019.12.16 Japan AD/ADAS Current Situation, Future Policies of Autonomous Driving, ITS Development in Japan
2019.12.09 South Korea AD/ADAS South Korea Aims for Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2020
2019.10.21 USA China Hong Kong Europe(General) OEM Strategy AD/ADAS Waymo and Handful of Other Startups Continue to Dominate the Sector
2019.09.30 Japan AD/ADAS Interior/HMI Japan’s Mini Vehicles: Advanced Technologies, Welfare-related Equipment
2019.09.24 Japan OEM Strategy EV/Hybrid Powertrain AD/ADAS Honda: eMaaS that Integrates Energy Business, Mobility
2019.09.17 AD/ADAS On-street Parking Support Service: Real-time Information Based on Onboard, Infrastructure Sensors
2019.09.02 Japan Powertrain AD/ADAS Mazda Motor: Launches next-gen gasoline engine SKYACTIV-X, new vehicle body design